For over a century, the Insaf family have grown through their heritage as traders from British India. The first visit in 1902 to Siam (now called The Kingdom of Thailand) on journey through Burma, Malaysia to Bangkok. Insaf Ji continued to travel between British India and Siam until 1947 when the family settled permanently in Thailand establishing themselves in the world of Textiles and Fashion business ever since.
The brand Jagtar was created in 1985 as Home and Fashion Accessories retailer and in 1990 was inspired by American stylist, Ralph Webb to progress and establish JAGTAR as one of the finest Thai Silk collections. The Jagtar talents and expertise, has established the brand over the last 30 years as one of the finest collection used by the world’s leading designers, decora​tors and architects. Jagtar also work with various Contract and Hospitality market servicing large upscale hotels and resorts and Private Jets as well Yachts.

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