Our fabrics are enjoyed by the world's elite.

Luxurious silks are designed to enhance the personal experience of life and the world around them. When added to the designer's palette for designers such as Peter Marino, Chanel and Cartier. It fulfills their vision to complete some of the most stunning pieces of architecture in retail showrooms, hotels and private homes.
The Jagatar brand is renowned for our reputation and attention to the finest details, our silks are finely woven to be the essential aesthetic touch when in the hands of great artists.
With many blend available, including:
Silk Wool Blends
Silk Linen Blends
Silk Cotton Blends
Silk Cotton Linen Blends

We also produce fabrics made to the specific requirements of our clients.
Our fabrics can be seen in the decoration and fittings in some of the world's leading stores including: Chanel Stores, Cartier Stores, The Peninsula Hotels, Private Jets, Luxury Yachts, villas and estates from Santa Barbara to Holland Park, to Macau, Japan and Australia.